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CHI YUAN Tricycles

Looking for a bike that will make you impossible to keep up with? look no further than the chi yuan tricycles! These bikes have a 29mm rear chain sprocket and are 25h chain compatible. They also have a easy to use control box and an easy to navigatelearning system.

Buy CHI YUAN Tricycles

This is a freewheel adapter for 27mm tricycles that helps you connect a flywheel to the spindle. The adapter has a 34mm connector and makes it easy to connect a freewheel to the tricycle.
this is a great tricycle fit for e scooter small dolphins. The 80 tooth 29mm chain sprocket makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a tricycle fit that provides good comfort and performance. The chain is also small enough to fit in a 25h chain.
this is a freewheel adapter for a tricycle that uses teeth-free freewheels. It is for the chiayan tricycles, which don't have any.